Women Taking Control of the Finances


Women Taking Control of the Finances

A report carried out by Friends Life "Visions of Britiain - Working Women" revealed that "over half of working mothers who have taken maternity leave agree that childcare is so expensive that financially it is not worth returning to work, so they remain at home as carers.

A quarter of working women with children under the age of five spend more than a quarter of their salary on childcare.

Most working mothers agree that greater flexible working arrangements would make their lives easier when it comes to childcare.

Over half of women who returned to work after maternity leave would have appreciated more flexibility and the ability to work from home or part-time.

However, there are ways of helping with the cost of childcare.

Firstly, make sure you take advantage of childcare schemes from your employer. Childcare vouchers operate through a salary-sacrifice scheme.

The employer takes the money out of the worker's gross salary and pays it directly to the childcare provider."

To read the full article visit  http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/262226/Women-take-a-tight-hold-of-purse-strings

For more information on the childcare voucher benefit call the Early Years Vouchers customer service team on  0800 088 7315.

August 2011

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