Thousands of childcare providers now registered with Early Years Vouchers Ltd


Thousands of childcare providers now registered with Early Years Vouchers

Over 2,000 child carers are now using leading childcare allowance organisation - Early Years Vouchers

  • Includes childminders, after school clubs and nurseries such as Leapfrog and BUPA's Teddies Nurseries.
  • EYV scheme enables registered carers to redeem their vouchers simply and quickly - payments made individually with clear references
  • Multiple carer sites can now be administered from one central account

Early Years Vouchers, one of the UK's leading childcare allowance organisations, has announced that it now has over 2,000 registered child carers using its voucher scheme. The registered carers include childminders, nannies, after school activities clubs and nurseries, including some of the larger nursery chains such as Asquith nurseries, Leapfrog and Teddies - which is owned by BUPA, the leading international health and care company.

This announcement follows the recent enhancements to the Early Years Vouchers (EYV) Website which now allows parents to search the company's database for carers who accept EYV vouchers locally, and enables carers to elect to receive automatic voucher payments from the parents' company - and sometimes receive these funds in as little as 40 minutes.

Commenting on the Early Years Vouchers service Louise Sandell, a Cheshire-based registered childminder said: "As I look after several children through the week and have to deal with about six other voucher providers on a regular basis, I can honestly say that EYV is by far the most professional and efficient. Dealing with call centres is a chore because you are often just a number to them, but with EYV you can always speak to a friendly voice who knows you and your individual situation - and after you have spoken to someone they automatically send out an email confirming the details. Another bonus is that payment is almost immediate with EYV - where as with other providers you can wait up to ten working days."

In addition to providing carers with efficient processes and an immediate payment facility, EYV has also designed a series of service enhancements developed specifically with child carers in mind. For the first time, through the EYV site, registered carers can create a website of their own to promote their individual services to parents looking for an EYV-listed carer. This is a menu-driven automated set-up and is quick and easy for the carer to activate and simple for the parents to access and use.

"We have spent a lot of time working with the parents who are registered with our voucher scheme to help them get their nannies and childcarers registered with EYV," commented Amanda Ward, Director of Early Years Vouchers. "Through spending time educating both workplaces and parents we have been noticing a steady increase in the number of parents signing up to the scheme and bringing their own childcarers on board."

"It is surprising just how many employers and parents don't realise that both mums and dads can claim Income Tax and National Insurance savings on the first £55 per week of their childcare costs. The savings to each parent can be as much as £1195.56 per annum which can provide significant financial childcare support," added Amanda Ward.

How the EYV process works for carers:
The EYV voucher scheme provides a simple and efficient way for carers to receive payment. Parents are issued childcare vouchers by their employer which they bring to approved or registered carers, to pay for all or part of their childcare cost. Carers then redeem the voucher for the full face value.


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