How childcare vouchers can benefit carer's too


How childcare vouchers can benefit carer's too

News from Child Care magazine July 2008

Tax and National Insurance (NI)- free childcare vouchers provide parents and employers with significant financial benefits for carers.  By accepting vouchers, they can attract more parents.  Childcare vouchers shouldnt increase administration - in fact, with the right scheme, it can actually help simplify processes.

Many carers have to battle to try and keep their accounts up-to-date, as parents regularly pay on different days and for different amounts of hours each week.  Figuring out which cheque or cash payment goes with which child can be a bit of a headache.  How ever, this needn't be the case.  In fact, the right childcare vouchers scheme should help the carer manage their payment processes - no matter how many children they have registered.

Vouchers can make a childcarer's life easy by providing clearly referenced payments - including the child's name and vouchers number, or the particular childcarer's reference number.  And all this can be done quickly and efficiently online.

Vouchers can be emailed across to the parent or carer - in whatever denomination - to be redeemed over the phone or using their personal account online.  To make things even easier an auto-pay process is also available, whereby funds are paid directly into the carer's account, requiring no input from the carer.  This ensures practitioners benefit from faster vouchers validation, approval and redemption times and can easily customise their accounts to suit their indivdual needs.

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