Endemol employees reap rewards of new childcare voucher scheme


Endemol employees reap rewards of new childcare voucher scheme

  • Early Years Voucher (EYV) enables parents to save £1,195 on tax and national insurance for childcare fees
  • Scheme attracts growing number of working Dads looking for childcare benefits

Early Years Vouchers (EYVL), one of the UK's leading childcare allowance organisations, has announced that employees from one of the UK's largest independent TV and digital media producers - Endemol - have achieved significant childcare cost savings thanks to the EYVL childcare voucher scheme. The scheme allows Endemol's parent workers to take advantage of a wide range of childcare benefits and save up to £1,195 per annum in tax and national insurance for childcare fees - at no extra cost to the business.

Endemol is the latest among a growing number of organisations that want to offer more attractive childcare incentives to their employees. Having looked at a variety of government-approved proposals, the company chose the EYVL childcare scheme for its ease-of-use and for the personalised help that employees and HR staff receive when they have a query about vouchers. This particular aspect of EYVL's Service has resulted in a consistent increase in the number of new members signing on to the scheme - with 40 per cent of sign-ons being new Dads.
"Taking up a childcare scheme like the one EYVL offers helps improve staff recruitment and retention levels, but more importantly it has helped us enhance Endemol's social responsibility," comments Claire Harrison, Payroll Manager at Endemol. "Such a scheme is really encouraging for working Mums - and increasingly Dads - to come back to work, especially as it also provides parents with help for childcare costs until the children are 15 years old."

Claire Harrison continues: "The service we receive from EYVL also means we don't have the administrative headache of calculating and managing individual childcare allowances - EYVL does it all for us. We don't have to dedicate any of our Payroll personnel to administer the scheme. EYVL prepares and handles the paperwork and salary amendments for the HR department - with no set-up charges, monthly fees or tie-in clauses - delivering referenced payments that are easily trackable through the EYVL website. All we need to do is authorise the voucher requests, which are then issued by EYVL to the individual employees, and we receive an invoice informing us of the completed transaction. It's really as simple as that!"

Amanda Ward, Director of Early Years Vouchers, adds: "We are committed to providing affordable, less prohibitive childcare benefits to parents and taking away the administrative burden of dealing with childcare allowance from employers. We are delighted to help Endemol provide an attractive childcare voucher scheme for its employees and enhance its value proposition for working Mums and Dads."
The EYVL childcare voucher scheme is a straight-forward approach that is easily implemented by organisations of any size - from national companies with thousands of staff, to small businesses with only two or three employees. EYVL's vouchers can be used by parents to pay for a very wide range of childcare help, such as nurseries, child minders, nannies as well as extra-curricular activities such as breakfast, after-school and holiday clubs, from the ages of 0-15 (16 if disabled) years old.

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