Employers Welcome New Mums Back to Work


Employers Welcome New Mums Back to Work

Not only do Childcare Vouchers help working parents, but the working environment and the flexibility of employers also contribute to a stress-free return to work for mums.

Whilst Childcare Vouchers help save parents money on their childcare costs, there are other aspects of being a working parent which also helps make life more enjoyable.

A recent article by  www.madeformums.com  reported that Glamour magazine had found a number of big name employers who seem to empathise with working mums.

Marks & Spencer have 70% of their staff working flexi-time, Bravissimo offer staff double statutory maternity leave and John Lewis offer employees a career break after giving birth!

To read more information on this go to  www.madeformums.com  and for more information on childcare vouchers go to  www.childcare-vouchers.net

December 2011

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