All3Media choose Early Years Vouchers for its flexible service and personal attenton


All3Media choose Early Years Vouchers for its flexible service and personal attenton

ALL3MEDIA use EYVL's childcare voucher scheme as part of employee benefits package following a competitive evaluation with other major childcare voucher providers

 Early Years Vouchers (EYVL), one of the UK's leading childcare allowance organisations, has announced thatALL3MEDIA, an International Group of film and TV production and distribution companies, has signed contract with EYVL for its employee childcare voucher scheme. 

After meeting with representatives from a number of providers, ALL3MEDIA selected EYVL's childcare voucher scheme because of its proactive approach and flexible service. Early Years Vouchers Ltd liaises directly with employees from all the companies within the ALL3MEDIA group to provide minimum hassle for the HR department and maximum benefit for employees. 

"Early Years Vouchers just makes it so easy! All I have to do is call them with the employee details and validate the vouchers - EYVL takes responsibility for everything else. It's brilliant, it's almost like having another ALL3MEDIA Human Resources employee!" commented Dee Holman, HR Manager for ALL3MEDIA. "The company's 'can do' attitude really sets it apart from the rest. For example, we've got one employee who is bringing a nanny over from South Africa and EYVL has been advising them how to sort out registration according to UK regulations - it's not really EYVL's responsibility to do this, but they have stepped in and are happy to do it."

Dee Holman continued: "We also found EYVL much more flexible than its competitors who have lots of 'rules' and 'administration' and give very little leeway where changes are concerned. By contrast, EYVL makes sure our employees are aware of their options; they know, for example, that they can increase their voucher amounts prior to the holidays to pay for summer camps, or they can suspend their vouchers for a couple of months - even at short notice. The scheme is immensely popular with our employees, with six of our eight UK-based companies signed up to the scheme."

"We are delighted that ALL3MEDIA has decided to continue using our childcare voucher scheme," commented Amanda Ward, Director of Early Years Vouchers. "We are committed to providing a comprehensive, flexible and accessible service for employees and removing the administrative burden from employers. We are delighted to continue to offer ALL3MEDIA employees an attractive childcare voucher scheme and enhance the company's value proposition for working Mums and Dads."

The EYVL childcare voucher scheme is a straight-forward to implement  approach that is easily implemented by organisations of any size - from national companies with thousands of staff, to small businesses with only two or three employees. Early Years Vouchers vouchers can be used by parents to pay for a very wide range of childcare help, such as nurseries, child minders, nannies as well as extra-curricular activities such as breakfast, after-school and holiday clubs, from the ages of 0-15 (16 if disabled) years old.

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