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Nursery Vouchers

 Nursery vouchers are the best way for working parents to save money on their childcare.

And, they are also prove a great perk for employers who benefit from a more loyal and motivated team.

They work by giving working parents redeemable vouchers for registered childcare whose value is greater than the pre-tax deductions made from their salary, helping them to make nearly £1000 per annum in savings (based on 20% income tax paid).nursery_vouchers

Despite being an 'all-round good' for both employees and employers, the UK childcare vouchers scheme is voluntary to join for employers.

Working Parents and Nursery Voucher Schemes

The first step to take advantage of childcare savings is to see if a voucher scheme is already operating in your workplace.

If your employer does not provide nursery vouchers, then we are happy to contact him or her on your behalf.

Simply fill in this form here.

Once the scheme is set up, you will see deductions made tax and NI free as part of salary sacrifice for the scheme, which means substantial yearly savings for the cost of childcare.

Note, vouchers are available for children from being born to aged 15 (16 if disabled).

Childcare vouchers can be redeemed at a nursery, crèche or with a nanny or au pair. Anyone, essentially who is a registered child carer.

For more more information on nursery vouchers for parents, whether you qualify and for how much, see our in-depth FAQs for working parents or call on 0845 0945 804.

Employers and Nursery Vouchers

Incentivising staff often isn't easy, especially during economic downturns, but employers can introduce nursery vouchers at no-cost, and sit back and enjoy a better motivated workforce who are more likely to stay at a company which takes care of them with great employee benefits like these.

Employers can check out a range of other employee benefits at our sister site Enjoy Benefits which are all available either cheaply or cost-neutral to you.Employer and nursery vouchers

There are many reasons why we are the right choice for administrating your childcare voucher scheme:

-We fulfil whatever the size of company, and have clients ranging from sole traders to MNC's.

-A flexible childcare voucher arrangement to suit you: no fixed monthly charges, no tied-in contracts, no set minimum number of participating employees...unlike many competitors.

-Our fee simply percentage of the value of requests made

-No NI fees on salary sacrificed by employee saving you money too

-No call centre, but your own dedicated client team member, along with an easy to use web based service safe and secure and easy to integrate with your own payroll systems

For more information, see our full list of FAQs on vouchers for nurseries and child carers

Whether you are an employer or employee, nursery vouchers are a must-have, delivering great benefits to both.

And, with Early Years taking care of your vouchers delivery, there's no costs or administrative headache involved.


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