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If you have looking for the best Childcare Vouchers scheme, then this page should address any queries that you may have. If you need to ask any questions regarding how to find the best Childcare Vouchers Scheme, then please give us a call.

Employers operating a Childcare Vouchers Scheme offer a valuable service to employees of the business. Not only does this service that sets them apart as a forward thinking company, but it is also financially beneficial for the business. If your employer is willing to provide you with Childcare Vouchers you can pay for them as part of your wages. So it is important that you identify the very best Childcare Vouchers Scheme that will offer you an efficient service and flexibility. The UK Childcare Vouchers scheme works by allowing you to sacrifice part of your wages in return for a similar value in Childcare Vouchers. If your employer has not explained how the Childcare Vouchers Scheme works, then we can help. Click Here for more details.

Best Childcare Vouchers Scheme

The are several Childcare Vouchers Schemes available in the UK. The Early Years Vouchers Scheme is rated by our clients as offering everything that a modern and efficient scheme and is undoubtedly one of the best Childcare Vouchers Schemes available today.

Before you can benefit from Childcare Vouchers, your employment contract will need to be updated with the inclusion of a signed agreement, which confirms your acceptance of the salary sacrifice.

The employer does not pay National Insurance on the amount agreed, which provides the employer with saving for each employee that is a member of the Childcare Vouchers Scheme. And the employee pays no NI or tax, which means that they can make significant savings. Call us on 0800 088 7315 to find out exactly the level of savings that may be available if you join a Childcare Voucher Scheme.

Childcare Vouchers or Tax Credits?

- Families are always best taking a tax and NI free voucher if it is offered to them on top of their salary.

- Families will generally benefit from a childcare vouchers scheme when the amount of their qualifying childcare costs are greater than the current childcare limits.

- Generally, families who are receiving tax credits at the family element or less when they are claiming for the childcare element in Working Tax Credit will be best claiming the tax and NI exemption.

- Families receiving tax credits at a level greater than the family element will not normally gain from claiming the tax and NI exemptions unless the person in the Childcare Vouchers Scheme is a higher rate tax payer.

- Families receiving Childcare Vouchers from their employers cannot then claim the childcare element of Working Tax Credit on the same costs.

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