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The UK Childcare voucher scheme

How much can you can save?

To join or setup a England Childcare Vouchers Scheme it is as easy as just talking to Early Years Vouchers. We offer leading UK Childcare Vouchers schemes in England and already have many England Childcare Voucher Scheme members.

The UK Childcare Voucher Scheme assists parents in funding their children’s childcare. As a England parent you are able to register for England Childcare Vouchers through your employer with help from the friendly staff at Early Years Vouchers.

As an employee, the first step is to ask if your employer currently operates a Childcare Vouchers scheme. If he does, then you're in business. Just agree an amount that is commensurate wiith the cost of your childcare. If not, then direct him to Early Years who will set up a new scheme at no oncost to the company. In fact, it’s even better than you may think because the company make savings too.

Parents are able to redeem childcare vouchers and the cost of the vouchers is taken from your salary prior to any tax and National Insurance deductions being made. This can save some parents around £1,000 per annum in income that would have been paid towards tax and National Insurance. If you are employing a nanny as many England parents do, he/she must become approved by the government organisation, SureStart.

For any questions regarding England Childcare Voucher Schemes, then please give us a call on 0800 088 7315. England Employers running Childcare Voucher Schemes offer a valuable service to employees. Not only does this service that sets them apart as a forward thinking company, but it is also financially beneficial for the business. It is important that you identify the very best Childcare Vouchers Scheme that will offer you an efficient service and flexibility. If your employer does not understand how the England Childcare Vouchers Scheme works, then we can help adn both employees and the employer will save money.

No.1 for England Childcare Voucher Schemes

A number of Childcare Vouchers Schemes are available in England. The Early Years Vouchers Scheme is rated by our England clients as offering everything that a modern and efficient scheme and is undoubtedly one of the best Childcare Vouchers Schemes available in England today.

Please note that before you can benefit from Childcare Vouchers, your employment contract will need to be updated with the inclusion of a signed agreement, which confirms your acceptance of the salary sacrifice. So we must speak to your employers first. But you will be doing them a big favour also as your employer may not be aware of the potential savings that the company can make also.

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