Childcare vouchers and the SME


Staff Childcare and the SME

Why small to medium sized businesses stand to benefit by providing childcare help and other related benefits for their workforces.

The greatest asset of any small business is its employees. They help to drive growth and improve productivity. It’s only right, therefore, that businesses should look to reward their employees by offering incentives and employee benefits packages like workplace nursery and cycle-to-work schemes.

None of the competing benefits are as well received as childcare related schemes though. It doesn’t matter how this incentive is provided: whether the employer provides vouchers or runs their own employer childcare scheme, the net effect is the same. Employees feel valued and included and they are motivated to work even harder.

It’s tempting in tough economic times to consider cutting back on some of these benefits in an effort to trim some of the business fat, but this is arguably counter-productive. Childcare schemes are cost-effective and do not cost businesses money.

By offering well-communicated, tailored benefits packages, employers will see a noticeable rise in staff motivation. The atmosphere in offices and factories will noticeably improve because parents will be worrying less about the cost of childcare thanks to their company sponsored childcare vouchers scheme, and your employees will feel more valued for their contribution.

Research has proven that a happier workforce is a more productive one and that people stay longer in their roles. By offering flexible benefits and incentives, small businesses can encourage staff to reach their full potential and reward them for doing so. And with modern online platforms designed to manage the benefits in an integrated way, you can implement your own system with little fuss, or employ the services of a proven childcare scheme provider.

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