How quickly will we receive payment?



How quickly will we receive payment?

We process payments every day between 2 and 4pm, 14:00/16:00hrs. You should normally receive this into your bank account, if the payment is by direct bank transfer, within 3 working days.

The direct bank transfer system is a bulk payment system run by the Banking Organisations and differs slightly from normal online payments from within a personal or business account. We submit payments on the evening of the first day and the payment should reach your account on the morning of the 3rd day.

We currently do not use the new 'Faster payment' scheme that some banks offer, and we do not use online direct bank transfer payments or Chaps, but we can arrange this in certain circumstances.

Cheques can take a little longer to process and then of course you are at the mercy of the postal system. And then you have to wait for the cheque to clear!!

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