Employee Savings



Employee savings

For new 20% tax payers joining on or after 06/04/2011 and employees already in a scheme before 06/04/2011, the savings are as follows

  • new 20% tax payers save £77.76 per month, or £933 per annum
  • existing 40% tax payers save £102.06 per month, or £1225 per annum
  • existing 45% tax payers save £114.21per month, or £1370 per annum

For employees joining on and after 06/04/2011 the savings have now changed for higher rate tax payers

  • 40/45% tax payers save £51 per month, or £623 per annum (Maximum Tax and NI free allowance of £28/25 per week, £112/100 per 4 weekly and £124/110 for monthly paid).

Note - from 06/04/2011 any employees that were in a scheme before 06/04/2011 that subsequently failed to take the benefit for a continuous 12 month period will fall into the new tax allowances and will need to have a 'basic earnings assessment' carried out by the employer. For instance, a 40% tax payer would lose savings of £623 per annum - you can see the effect of having childcare vouchers on Tax Credits by following this link to the HMRC site - Tax Credits calculator.

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