• Forward thinking employers help reduce Staff childcare costs

    Offering Childcare Savings through the Workplace Nursery scheme allows employers to attract and retain the best staff. Employees can make fantastic savings on their childcare, even though they may now be too late to register for the Childcare Vouchers scheme. The Workplace Nursery benefit in many cases offers even higher savings.

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  • Childcare savings for parents

    For parents seeking childcare vouchers, the workplace nursery scheme enables you to choose the type of childcare that is right for your family. Whatever your circumstances there are options available to streamline how you pay for childcare.

    With the support of Enjoy Benefits and your employer, the cost of childcare can be significantly reduced.

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  • Childcare vouchers and childcarers

    Registering with Enjoy Benefits makes childcare more affordable for the parents who use your service. Employees can make significant savings on childcare costs, giving them more to spend with you.

    Creating an account is FREE and takes just a few minutes by simply calling us on 0800 781 1652.

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We offer a range of employee benefit options to replace the Childcare Vouchers scheme that is now closed to new entrants. The primary replacement is the Workplace Nursery Benefit.

Our benefits are simple to use for employers, employees and also for the childcare provider. Our clients range from businesses with one employee to multi-national corporations.

Childcare savings are as attractive to employers as they are to employees. They boost staff morale and productivity, reduce staff turnover among working parents, and making a company more alluring to prospective applicants.

An employee benefits Scheme that allows employees to save money on their childcare tends to ensure that employees return to work after maternity and paternity leave due to reduction in childcare costs that are provided.